Survey 2

  • Drinks

    Coke, Sprite, etc.
  • Beauty Products

  • Big-box Stores

  • Early Adopters

    Describes me perfectly.
    Does not describe me at all.
    Wii, Playstation, Xbox, etc.
    Devices, accessories except mobile phones
  • Household products

    How frequently do you or your family members use these products?
    Just give us your best guess!

    plug-ins, candles, etc.
    shark, roomba, neato, etc.
    e.g. Brita filters
  • Household health

    Does anyone in your house have any of these?
    Choose all that apply. You can leave it blank if you’d rather not say!

  • Food

    How often do you or your family enjoy the following?

    ketchup, BBQ & salt, pepper
  • Groceries

    When the cupboard is bare, where do you go to fill it?
    Choose all that apply.

  • Coffee

    Must. Have. Caffeine. How do you make it?
    Choose all that apply.

  • Extra hours