Looking at Email and Social Networks for Our Children

On January 27th we followed up on our research study for CES with a study on email and social networks for moms and young children. Our results are in and we wanted to share our findings with you:

  • Moms are setting up email accounts for their children when they are very young. 91% of moms reported having children under the age of 5 years and 36% of moms reported having already set up email accounts for their children.
  • Having an identifying email address is important to moms and Gmail has longevity. 57% of moms reported setting up email addresses for their children because they wanted to save the email address. Over 33% set up Gmail accounts for their children.
  • Moms do not feel that setting up social network accounts for their children is as important as email accounts. Only 6% of moms reported setting up social network accounts for their children.

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 11.14.33 AM

Our findings suggest Tastemakers feel a unique, identifying email address has longevity and is important for their children – most likely for social, academic, and ultimately professional purposes. The popularity of social networks, however, ebbs and flows and Tastemakers aren’t making assumptions on what social networks will be relevant when their children are older.

A number of our respondents said they would decide on whether or not to set up an email and/or social network account for their children after seeing the results of our study. What do you think, Tastemakers? Check out our Facebook post and give us your thoughts.


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