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Get real tips & laughs from ‘Hilah Cooking With Kids’

Cooking with the kids is one of those things we can so easily romanticize… and also eternally put off doing.

Because let’s be honest: It’s messy and time-consuming.

But Austin-based internet chef Hilah Johnson has a message about cooking with kids: It should be fun, simple and imperfect, y’all.

Those three traits are what’s made legions of DIY chefs — this Tastemaker Mom included — love Hilah’s weekly internet show, ‘Hilah Cooking,’ for the last 3.5 years. The web series led to Hilah becoming the YouTube Next Chef Competition champ and — even better (for our purposes, anyway) — winning the hearts of the fine folks at ulive.com, who produced a special kid-focused series called ‘Hilah Cooking with Kids.’

Here’s what you should know about Hilah:

  • She’s real. And so is her kitchen — there’s nothing glammed up about it. You can totally see the mic on her lapel, and she uses mismatched utensils that probably didn’t all come from Wiliams-Sonoma.
  • She’s not perfect, but her recipes are pretty darn close. The ones we’ve tried (like Fried Brussels Sprouts or Puffy Tacos or Lemon Pound Cake) are simple, with ingredients you can easily find in a standard grocery store or farmer’s market.
  • She’ll sometimes realize a small mistake halfway through and roll with it (often with a four-letter word — so watch the show for your own enjoyment — and inspiration for future kitchen time with the kiddos).

For each ep of the ‘Cooking With Kids‘ series, Hilah pairs up with a young cohort — making for two elements of say-what’s-on-your-mind unpredictability. Here are a couple of our favorite recipes, in 5-minutes-or-less video form:

  • No-Cook Peanut Butter Balls (total ingredients: peanut butter, honey, powdered milk, coconut)
  • Pizzadillas (total ingredients: flour tortillas, shredded cheese, pepperoni — or anything else you’d like to add)

What are your favorite cookbooks or shows for cooking with kids? We’re curious — please share in the comments below!