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Self-care for moms who have no time for self care

Holistic health coach and Tastemaker Mom Sanieh Morgan with her son Keyhan. Image by Sweet Pixel Photography.

Sahaja Momma is the brainchild of holistic health coach Sanieh Morgan. (Keyhan, 17 months, is her actual child.)

Sanieh is a Tastemaker Mom dedicated to helping others move through the same process she did when she became a mother: figuring out how to do self-care.

On the outside, you could call what she’s created “an online fitness program.” But Sanieh, who before motherhood worked as a yoga teacher and wellness professional, points out: “People report back not just about inches lost, but also that they are more patient, better communicators… I’ve never got a response that was just about the physical.”

In other words, she works with people holistically.

“The word holistic is thrown around,” she says. “People think it’s another word for ‘natural.’ What it means is that it’s all interwoven together — and that’s what the program is all about.”

She offers a number of services, but her flagship program is called MommaFit. Busy moms who don’t have the time to “have it all” sign up to receive a 70-page manual and a 30-day experience of:

  • bite-size, highly efficient workouts
  • recipe ideas for eating whole, real foods (nothing processed)
  • personalized yoga, meditation and self-care guidance
  • weekly log submission, so the program can be tweaked as needed
  • unlimited email correspondence

She’s very clear that MommaFit is not about buying into the Super Mom mentality.

“I’m not a super mom,” she says. “I’m a real mom, and this is product of the exact process that I’ve gone through to find balance.”

She adds: “This is the truth: We have spaces of time. It’s how we use that time.”

No matter how small those spaces are, they can refill you. The little snippets of time we spend Facebooking could be spent doing a couple yoga poses and breathing deeply. Or a highly efficient workout.

Speaking of Facebook — ironically — that just might be the best place to check her out: The Sahaja Momma page is full of useful tidbits for moms looking for a better way to care for themselves in the limited time that we have to do it.

You can also message Sanieh there to get on the wait list for a future program. She plans to kick off the next one at the first of the year.