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Tastemaker Moms hit sustainable fashion show in L.A.

IMG_0030This past week, Tastemaker Moms in L.A. got to be VIPs in the world of sustainable fashion.

Select local moms joined us at the First Annual Fashion Night from Green Steps Media (the company that publishes Natural Child World magazine). We chatted with progressive designers over cocktails on the terrace. Then we headed inside the beautiful Ahmanson Ballroom at the Skirball Center to watch the latest in sustainable clothing parade down the catwalk.

Sounds fabulous, right? But what really made the event so interesting was that virtually everyone there is passionate to making the way we use products for ourselves, our kids and our pets more sustainable.

How? Well, obviously a big focus is through the products themselves. All the ones featured in the show are somehow combining eco-friendly innovation with style. Like Charlie Banana, for example, who specializes in cute kids’ clothing and cloth diapering solutions.

Incidentally, Charlie Banana also brought some reps from Project Child Save, a non-profit they strongly support — and this seems to be a big trend as well. Many of the product lines have non-profits they work with directly to give back — like DoTERRA, which creates high-grade essential oils and helps less fortunate populations through its Healing Hands Foundation.

But the sustainable world’s movers and shakers are not all designers. The event was filled with bloggers, writers, stylists and filmmakers.

One documentary filmmaker we chatted with was Andrew Morgan, whose current project is called The True Cost. Check out the trailer. It’s quite compelling, spelling out how the cost of clothing has been going down over decades for the consumer — while the true, global cost has been going up. The film is an attempt to raise awareness by telling the whole story of how the garment industry works — but in a way that offers real solutions, and doesn’t just point the finger at major brands that are in all our closets.

Like us: real moms who are interested in using our collective voices to make a difference to brands. Thanks to the Tastemaker Moms who were able to join and help us represent!

Hot Pick: Aquafarm (self-cleaning fish tank + garden)

image via Back to the Roots

image via Back to the Roots

Apparently, growing your own produce isn’t that hard. You simply outsource the fertilizing of your basil, mint and cilantro to your pet fish.

That’s how it works on Aquafarm — the hydroponic garden that’s the latest invention from sustainable living startup Back to the Roots. It’s a closed, self-sustaining system where the fish waste feeds the plants, and the plants clean the fish tank water.

The tank is small. Just 3 gallons, it’s comfortable for one fish — whose waste alone is enough to create the perfect fertilizer for your lettuce or wheatgrass to grow. So there’s no soil. The plants are in a bed of rocks, and the fish takes care of the rest.

The idea isn’t totally new, but the scale of it is. Specifically the teeny tiny scale that allows Aquafarm to sit on your kitchen countertop. Co-founders Nikhil Arora and Alejandro Velez studied aquaponics farms, which are normally the size of a pond or bigger. These are — you guessed it — farms where the fish waste creates natural, organic food for the plants that farmers are growing, and the plants clean the pond for the fish.

“We took [the idea of] these big aquaponics farms and made the smallest system ever created — with help from aquaponics experts and industrial designers,” Velez said in a video interview.

Since seeing is believing, here’s the official video explaining how Aquafarm works:

The bottom line: Their invention helps you turn natural waste into actual food.

But this isn’t the first time Back to the Roots has done that. It’s actually the second. Their first product is a mushroom kit that allows you to grow your own edible mushrooms at home — with leftoever coffee grinds. Breakfast’s trash is next month’s salad.