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80+ Creative Halloween ideas — costumes, edibles & decor

We love Halloween because it’s an inherently creative holiday.

We create costumes for ourselves and our kiddos. Even if we purchase those costumes instead of carving out the time for a DIY version — it’s fun to ruminate and let an idea inspire us.

Same goes for decorating — we’re essentially costuming little bits of the homestead, and the food — which might even include dressing up healthy options. (Amazingly, celery is more likely to be eaten when empowered to scare the eater.)

That said, we’ve got three Halloween-flavored Pinterest boards cooking — all with Tastemaker Moms in mind. (So you won’t have to sift through the over-sexy Halloween costumes to find the perfect idea for you and your wee one.)

Have a peek and get your creative juices brewing…

Creative Halloween Costume Ideas

Baby lobster and mommy chef Halloween costume

Scary-Good Decor & Party Ideas for Halloween

Dry ice inside a pumpkin for Halloween

Tasty Treats for Halloween

Clementine pumpkins -- a healthy treat for Halloween