Tastemakers Weigh in on “Doing It All”

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On Monday, as part of their “Doing It All” series, The Today Show welcomed Maria Shriver and launched a conversation based on “The Shriver Report” about women balancing work, family and life.  One of the topics of conversation was about how “having it all” has morphed into “just hanging on” because many women are “doing it all.”

This week we asked some of our Tastemaker Moms to tell us how they feel about “doing it all,” and this is what they said:

  • Most Moms Feel Overwhelmed.  70% of moms reported that they feel overwhelmed but are managing.
  • Moms Want Insight from Maria Shriver on the Delicate Balancing Act.  23% need help with their finances, 26% need help taking time for them, and 28% need help balancing family and work.
  • Moms Do Feel Appreciated But Need More Help at Home.  73% feel their spouse/significant other appreciates them, but when asked for help from their spouse/significant other in one area, 50% named helped with housework and 25% named help with the kids.

Thank you, Tastemakers, for lending your voice.

For more information on Maria Shriver and The Shriver Report, visit http://shriverreport.org.