Technology and The Tastemaker Mom

On January 7-9, Tastemaker Mom went to CES and took part in the Mommy Tech Summit, which celebrates all things mom and tech and looks at how women’s influences are changing things up.


In advance of CES, Tastemaker Mom conducted a research study and collected information from 500 moms on how they interact with, and are influenced by technology.  We thought our Tastemakers would like to see some of the results:

  • Email and Social Media are your Lifelines.  51% of moms reported that they check their email and/or social media 20 or more times each day.  16% reported checking it more than 50 times a day.
  • Mobile Devices Win over TV.  Moms like their TVs, but they LOVE their mobile devices.  72% of moms said if they had to give up one, they’d give up their TV before their smartphone.
  • Security is Top of Mind but not an Obstacle to E-Commerce.  95% of moms reported being concerned about the security of their personal information.  That hasn’t stopped them from spending online as 97% made a purchase online in the past 90 days.
  • Technology = Better Mom.  3 out of 4 moms think that technology helps them be a better mom.

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Thank you for your insights on how you use technology.